Pat Lenane – Master Wedge Cutter Pat lives in Dungarvan, in the western part of Waterford County with his wife and three sons. Like most aspiring young Waterfordians, his first career choice was to become a craftsman with the renowned crystal factory. So in 1970 at the age of fifteen, Pat began a distinguished career with Waterford Crystal that would last for almost forty years. During his five year apprenticeship, Pat achieved an A qualification of each of the required test piece—an outstanding feat! Pat was the first person to become a Master Cutter in the Dungarvan plant, where giftware and trophies were among the prime product range. Later Pat became the first training instructor of newly recruited wedge cutters in Dungravan. Additionally, he trained in tooling technology which includes designing, developing and maintaining diamond cutting wheels. Part of his training took Pat to Germany to assist suppliers in developing best practice in the emerging field of diamond cutting technology. He is eager to share his talents and experience with Cashs Crystal and is looking forward to many more enjoyable years creating the finest hand-cut crystal. His tremendous skill and dedication to his craft can be seen and admired in many of Cashs beautiful crystal pieces.

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