Nambe Metal Anvil VaseWith a stunning design that is as contemporary as it is classic, the eye-catching, curvaceous 12-inch Anvil Vase is guaranteed an always-in-sight spot in your home for many years to come. Its larger size makes it ideal to display bouquets of fresh flowers, or for purely decorative purposes – showcasing branches, vines, and faux flowers year-round.

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Nambe Metal Anvil Bud Vase


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Item# MT0337N

Nambe Metal Anvil Vase


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Nambe Metal Anvil Vase


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Nambe, an authentic American brand, born in the Santa Fe region of New Mexico, has been handcrafting high-quality, functional designs for the modern lifestyle since 1951.

Discerning individuals, who want to build their lives around purpose and beauty, choose Nambe. Our sensual, award-winning pieces promise them remarkable design, every day usefulness, and the essence of casual luxury.Because of Nambe's excellent ability to retain both hot and cold temperatures, food served in Nambe metal will remain piping hot or freshly chilled throughout your meal.

Dressed up or down, Nambe designs for the home will resonate with any decor and will inspire you every day. Each Nambe piece goes through a series of shaping, grinding, buffing and polishing steps. Slight imperfections found on Nambe's brilliant finish are characteristic of the sand casting process, and since Nambe is handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly alike.

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