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Have Your Waterford Signed By Gerard Treacy, Master Artisan!
Mr. Gerard Treacy, one of the Waterford's most talented Master Artisans, will be hand signing all Waterford purchases. This is a unique opportunity to turn your Waterford into a family heirloom for years to come.
Mr. Treacy will be visiting us directly from Ireland, and with each piece Mr. Treacy signs, Waterford will issue a special Certificate of Authenticity. With a special etching tool Mr. Treacy will permanently sign his name and a year, 2002, on each piece.
To purchase Waterford pieces and have them signed, please add "Signed" in the Comments area of the Checkout form. The signing event will be held November 20th, 2002. You can order your pieces anytime prior to the event, and we will have them signed, gift wrapped and shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. free of charge.
Available for this special event is Waterford Master Cutter Footed Fruit Bowl, Limited Edition, $250. This piece was designed by a group of Master Artisans, including Mr. Treacy, and it is available only during this special event. Please click on the picture on the left for more information.
It was probably inevitable that Mr. Treacy would work at the crystal factory, where his father, a Master Glass Cutter, spent all of his working life; thirty-five years in total. His mother has also worked at Waterford Crystal. The Treacy family lived on Belvedere Drive in a community located very close to the Waterford Crystal factory, where approximately 120 of Waterford's skilled craftsmen built houses in the late 1960's in order to be within walking distance of their workplace. Many children of these employees followed in their parents' footsepts and went to work at Waterford Crystal. Gerard was one of those children. He passed the test in both the cutting and blowing departments and opted to begin his career with Waterford Crystal as an apprentice glass blower in 1979.
He started his apprenticeship as a bit gatherer. In the traditional glassmaking process, the crystal shape begins with a quantity of molten crystal that is "gathered" by the bit gatherer on the end of a long hollow rod, called a blowing iron, which is then passed to the Master Glass Stemmer, who shapes and forms these pieces into the stem and foot of a wine glass. After one year of bit gathering, Gerard moved on to become a ball glass blower. The ball glass blower gathers a piece of molten crystal on a blowing iron and blows a small circular ball. Next, the small circular ball is taken by the Master Glass Blower, who gathers more molten crystal on the ball, in order to blow and shape the bowl of the wine glass.
The skill of the Master Glass Blower combines tremendous dexterity and coordination of hands, breath and strength, especially with the larger items. In 1984, Gerard qualified as a glass blower and, three years later, became a Master Glass Blower. He has worked on the entire range of Waterford Crystal stemware.
Gerard's hobbies include watching all sports especially Gaelic football, hurling and soccer. He lives in Ashbournce Village, about a hundred yards from his old home at Belvedere Drive, with is wife Margaret and their two daughters, Aime and Siobhan.
Click here to browse through complete collection of Waterford Crystal. Every piece currently manufactured is here and can be signed by Mr. Treacy!

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