Aerin Classic Shagreen Game Set, Cream
Aerin Classic Shagreen Game Set, Cream
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Item# 21122038AE
Size: W: 21.5" H: 6.7"

Beautifully presented in a shagreen box with brass detailing, this set of five games includes a removable, hinged board with backgammon on one side, crafted in mappa burl, walnut, and rosewood, and chess / checkers on the other, crafted in mappa burl, maple, and walnut.

A removable tray in mappa burl holds domino tiles, cards, backgammon tiles, a doubling cube, and two dice holders.

A second tray, also in mappa burlwood, holds stylized chess pieces in black and brass finishes. Practical yet luxurious, this game box is an attractive addition to a shelf or tabletop.


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