Michael Aram Eucalyptus Pod Sculpture, Limited Edition
Michael Aram Eucalyptus Pod Sculpture, Limited Edition
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Size: 5.5"L x 5.5"W x 37.25"H

Michael Aram is endlessly inspired by nature, which he calls his biggest muse. This limited edition "nature study" is part of a series of limited edition sculptures, brought to life through Aram's continuous exploration and love of organic forms. He refers to these pieces as his 'sketches in metal', since they are inspired by quick nature study drawings from his notebook. The sculptures are each limited to 50 pieces and are signed and numbered by the artist.

Michael Arams Pod collection interprets organic elements in hand-forged stainless steel. Arams metal work is easily recognized by its nature-based motifs, but pieces from this collection are bolder and more modern than the more lyrical and representational work that Aram is typically known for. The use of stainless steel makes these pieces as functional as they are beautiful.

I think of pods as natures vessels, and was inspired to create organic forms evocative of nature, but re-imagined in a contemporary way.- Michael Aram

View VideoDiscover Michael Aram (126 sec.)
View the short video about artist Michael Aram which details his love for organic forms and the way he creates his art. Learn about his use of perfected hand crafted ancient techniques passed down from generations which infuses his work with sensuality and contemporary metaphor.

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