Michael Aram Triton Sculpture Limited Edition of 30
Michael Aram Triton Sculpture Limited Edition of 30
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Item# 176102MA
Size: 36"L x 27"W x 80"H

Positioned as though he is at the crest of a wave, Triton powerfully blows on his conch shell as he holds his trident majestically. Half man, half fish, this merman is a Greek God, the messenger of the sea. The music of his shell calms the waves and creates the roar of the ocean. Tritons trident symbolizes the past, present, and future, a trinity which characterizes the diversity and expansiveness of his energy and the power of the sea itself. Patinated Brass Corten Steel.

View VideoDiscover Michael Aram (126 sec.)
View the short video about artist Michael Aram which details his love for organic forms and the way he creates his art. Learn about his use of perfected hand crafted ancient techniques passed down from generations which infuses his work with sensuality and contemporary metaphor.

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