Michael Aram, Hammertone Crystal Champagne Flutes, Pair
Michael Aram, Hammertone Crystal Champagne Flutes, Pair
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Item# 336114MA
Size: 9 3/4"H, 6 OZ.

The texture of hammertone is an ancient surface treatment for metal that is achieved through the painstaking application of hammer marks, one by one, with the intention of shaping the metal into various forms. This crystal collection pays homage to the historic technique and the result is a contemporary yet timeless design appropriate for any occasion.

While the immediate narrative in this motif is not as obvious as most of my work, it has just as much meaning. This texture speaks to me of everything I love about Indian handcraftsmanship rich with the presence of the maker's hand, complex and beautiful, and highly symbolic of human endeavor. - Michael Aram

View VideoDiscover Michael Aram (126 sec.)
View the short video about artist Michael Aram which details his love for organic forms and the way he creates his art. Learn about his use of perfected hand crafted ancient techniques passed down from generations which infuses his work with sensuality and contemporary metaphor.

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