Michael Aram Wisdom Tree Sculpture, Limited Edition
Michael Aram Wisdom Tree Sculpture, Limited Edition
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Size: 11 1/2"DIA, 15 1/2"H, BASE 5"W X 5"L X 5 1/4"H

The immortal Wisdom Tree, deeply rooted into the springs of eternity, has flourished for centuries. In our sculptural interpretation, brass branches reach towards the sky while vines extend deep into the soil below. Uniting heaven and earth, the Wisdom Tree represents an individual's journey to infinity.

"The Wisdom Tree is one of the most respected and sacred trees in India. Offering shade and shelter to those who rest peacefully at its roots, it is a feminine symbol of sustenance and a masculine symbol of strength" - Michael Aram

View VideoDiscover Michael Aram (126 sec.)
View the short video about artist Michael Aram which details his love for organic forms and the way he creates his art. Learn about his use of perfected hand crafted ancient techniques passed down from generations which infuses his work with sensuality and contemporary metaphor.

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