Michael Aram Pegasus Scultpure, Limited Edition
Michael Aram Pegasus Scultpure, Limited Edition
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Size: 15"L X 13 19/2"W X 18"H, BASE 10 1/2"L X 8"W X 1 1/4"H

Michael Aram's limited edition sculptures are handmade artistic explorations inspired by objects and ideas which capture Michael's imagination. The sculptures are limited to 136 editions each and are individually crafted so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Portrayed by Aram as ready to take flight, Pegasus is a mystical winged horse who traverses between land and sky- or heaven and earth. Powerful and majestic, he is a symbol of divine inspiration and safe journeys. Pegasus is a guardian of the soul. "My kids were drawn to the small maquette of this piece when they were just a few years old. They loved the magical aspect of a winged horse. As they got older, I would tell them that Pegasus would look over them as they slept to safeguard them and their dreams. We look for Pegasus as a constellation in the sky and talk about how he watches over the planet as a faithful companion and protector to us all."

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