Michael Aram Twist 22 Oz. Shaker
Michael Aram Twist 22 Oz. Shaker
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Size: 10"H, 3.25" Dia, 22 Oz.

The Twist collection is inspired by the idea that the whole can be far greater than the sum of it's parts. When elements are combined, they take on another feeling, a greatness. Together, they are strong, but also I would argue, more beautiful. When lines are repeated, or wires woven, there is a loveliness to the pattern that fascinates and pleases. A symmetry is created that is calming and classical.

"I often explore materials and create collections which are craft based. Twist was created while experimenting with intertwining wires. There is a fluidity and movement to the twists that I love. The twisted wires suggest a coming together of things that I find poetic."

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