Baccart Crystal Mille Nuits 23" Table Lamp
Baccart Crystal Mille Nuits 23" Table Lamp
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Item# 2813187B
Size: H 22.83" x W 11.81"

The timeless style of the Mille Nuits lamp small size enables it to fit in different decorative atmospheres. The lamp uses the same aesthetic vocabulary as the chandeliers, candelabra and wall units of the collection, as the beveled-cut crystal. The central tubing, in polished stainless steel with a mirror finish, is fully covered with in beveled-cut crystal. Light plays with the material and its transparency of the upper drip saucer. The lamp is topped with a pleated textile lampshade and comes with a transparent plastic electric wire and switch. Baccarat and Mathias signatures on the feet of the lamp. LED Bulb.

Baccarat Crystal

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