Baccarat Crystal Rearing Horse
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Item# 2102328B
Size: H: 7.88" W: 8.13"

Horses have long been symbols of grace and power. Rearing occurs when a horse stands on its hind legs with its forelegs well off the ground. This Baccarat Crystal, figurine emulates the horse silhouette balanced mid-air.
With remarkable execution, the nimble movement and graceful profile showcase the excitable creature in all of its splendor. When the light squarely hits the clear crystal, the detailing from muzzle to hooves is even sharper.

Baccarat Crystal, pedigree of craftsmanship is as exceptional and magnificent as a purebred horse. This horse is a must for anyone who adores animals, especially equestrians who love to ride, compete, hunt, or spend an afternoon by the racetrack.

Baccarat Crystal

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