Baccarat The Zoo, Duck, Clear
Baccarat Crystal, The Zoo, Duck, Clear
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Item# 2607500B
Size: H: 6.5"
His three colorful creatures (a bear, a monkey, and a duck) are available in luminous Clear crystal or vivid-hued versions. The water bird is presented in a playful way. The cartoonishly plump round silhouette is adorned with scalloped duck feathers, and the crystal head is speckled with small diamond cuts around the face and beak. The Clear crystal version of the duck has a white porcelain base with a gold finish; the mint version has a mint porcelain base with a Clear crystal face. The figurines are individually numbered and signed by Jaime Hayon and Baccarat Crystal, on the underside of the porcelain base.

Baccarat Crystal

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