Baccarat Crystal, Rohan Water Crystal Goblet No. 2, SIngle
Baccarat Crystal, Rohan Water Crystal Goblet No. 2, SIngle
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Size: H: 4.5" Cap: 10.14oz.

The Rohan collection features a recurring S-shaped outline, beautifully coiled and delicately etched. This pattern brandishes Baccarat Crystal exquisite Clear crystal finery, showcasing the light-handed touch and remarkable craftsmanship of the Baccarat Crystal, artisans. The Rohan glass has a wide Crystal Bowl that serves as an ample canvas for the delineated swirls. The rounded bevel-cut stem and a circular foot balance the intricate detail on the Crystal Bowl. The unadorned Clear crystal base luminously refracts the light, while the captivating embellishment of the upper half beautifully allays its intensity through the swirling pattern. The Rohan glass is a stunning piece that enhances any stemware set.

Hand made in France.

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Baccarat Crystal

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