Baccarat Abysse Vodka Set
Baccarat Crystal, Harcourt Abysse Vodka Set
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14 2/3"H x 15 2/3"D

The Harcourt Abysse vodka service enhances enjoyment through the beauty of crystal. The purity of the design in a 1930s style brings a touch of luxury to your table, thanks to Baccarat Crystal,'s savoir-faire.

The surprising flat cuts of the glass are held by the hexagonal design, emblematic to the Harcourt collection and situated at the base of the glass. The vodka service consists of a Crystal Decanter and ten Harcourt Abysse vodka Crystal Glasses. Ice can be easily placed beneath the polished stainless steel panel of the large Crystal Bowl to keep the vodka chilled. The Harcourt Abysse vodka service is the most elegant way to enjoy the luxurious liqueur. A caviar service is also available.


Baccarat Crystal

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