Baccarat Crystal, Parme Crystal Old Fashioned Tumbler, Single
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Item# 1516238B
Size: H: 3 3/4" Cap: 9.875oz.

The Parme collection features a delicately etched floral design. This pattern brandishes Baccarat Crystal, exquisite clear crystal finery, showcasing the light-handed touch and remarkable craftsmanship of the Baccarat Crystal, artisans. The Parme old-fashioned tumbler has a classical shape that serves as an ample canvas for the delineated pattern. The intricacy of detail covers the glass almost entirely, beautifully dispelling the intensity of refracted light. Teardrop-shaped cuts encircle the base of the tumbler, diffusing the luminosity in a sharper way. The glass is a perfect vessel in which to enjoy a smooth drink, its fine material and captivating embellishment enriching every sip. The Parme collection further extends to Crystal Champagne Crystal Flutes and Crystal Glasses.

Baccarat Crystal

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