Baccarat Crystal Perfection Square Decanter
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Item# 1702350B
Size: H: 9 3/4" Cap: 31.625oz.
This Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal Perfection square whiskey Crystal Decanter has an exquisite classic silhouette, showcasing immaculate translucence from angular base to arched neck. With the Perfection collection, the name says it all. As far back as Greek mythology, Pygmalion sought to sculpt to the perfect form of a woman; in the same storied fashion, the Perfection collection is expertly crafted by the modern Pygmalion's, the most respected artisans of the metier with supreme mastery of Baccarat Crystal, flawless clear crystal.

The stunning form is the perfect vessel in which to serve and enjoy a smooth drink. The diamond-cut beveled stopper crowns the Crystal Decanter with geometric sophistication.
Baccarat Crystal

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