Baccarat Crystal, Rohan Crystal Decanter
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Item# 1510332B
Size: H: 13.63"
The Rohan collection features a recurring S-shape pattern, beautifully coiled and delicately etched. This pattern showcases the light-handed touch and remarkable craftsmanship of the Baccarat Crystal, artisans. The Rohan Crystal Decanter is a stunning vessel in which to decant a young Crystal Wine and releases its full flavor. It not only helps a fine vintage achieve its full integrity; it is also a stunningly crafted piece. The intricate detail is balanced by unadorned components: a slender neck, a rounded bevel-cut stem and a circular foot. The clear crystal base and neck each luminously refract the light, while the embellished pattern beautifully allays its intensity. A pure clear crystal stopper crowns the silhouette.

Baccarat Crystal

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