Baccarat Crystal, Rohan Crystal Old Fashioned Tumbler, Single
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Item# 1510238B
Size: H: 3.75" Cap: 9.5oz.
The Rohan collection features a recurring S-shaped outline, beautifully coiled and delicately etched. This pattern brandishes Baccarat Crystal, exquisite clear crystal finery, showcasing the light-handed touch and remarkable craftsmanship of the Baccarat Crystal, artisans. The Rohan old-fashioned tumbler has a classical shape that serves as an ample canvas for the delineated swirls. The intricacy of detail covers the glass almost entirely, beautifully dispelling the intensity of refracted light through the swirling pattern. The glass is a perfect vessel in which to enjoy a smooth drink, its fine material and captivating embellishment enriching every sip. The Rohan collection further includes Crystal Champagne Crystal Flutes, Crystal Glasses, and a Crystal Decanter.

Baccarat Crystal

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