Baccarat Crystal, 8.5" Wave Clear Crystal Bowl
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Item# 2103972B
Size: H: 4.38" W: 8.5"
The rise and fall of the Wave Crystal Bowl silhouette is buoyant yet serene as the waves gently swell and unfurl. The edge of the Crystal Bowl dips like a gulley, and the form is echoed throughout clear crystal with undulations traveling down the side in tiers.

Designed for Baccarat Crystal, by Thomas Bastide. Exemplifying Baccarat Crystal, technical prowess, the crystal cuts inside the Crystal Bowl create a magical optical effect, subtlety shadowing the clear crystal from the Crystal Bowl base to its edge.

Embedded in the interior pattern, the enamel appears as though magically flowing throughout. All the Wave pieces bring a sense of rolling energy to whichever room they are placed in.
Baccarat Crystal

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