Baccarat Crystal, Enfant Crystal Candelabra 2-Light
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Item# 1920220B
Size: H: 23.63" W: 13.75"
Baccarat Crystal, enfant Crystal Candlestick is made up of a variety of clear crystal elements that come together to create a lavish and luminous showpiece. Embossed lines irradiate along the foot of the Crystal Candelabra, which rises into a stunningly exceptional stem. The frosted crystal stem is crafted into the sculptural silhouette of a sensuous woman. The Crystal Candelabra arms, festooned with geometric embellishments, burst with translucent clear crystals that magnificently refract the light. The candles seem to emerge from flower bud-like Crystal Candleholders of puckered, which look like luminous petals. The enfant Crystal Candelabra holds two candles, and is available as a single Crystal Candlestick. Beeswax candles are not supplied with the Crystal Candlestick, and hurricane shades with scalloped edges are available separately.
Baccarat Crystal

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