Baccarat Crystal, Eye Clear Crystal Votive, Single
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Item# 2103850B
Size: H 3 3/4" W 2 3/4"

As its name indicates, the eye Crystal Votive maximizes the unpredictability of perception, evoking delight and surprise given what the eye can discern with shifts in luminosity and plays on form. The exquisitely crafted form, designed for Baccarat Crystal, by Nicolas Triboulot, is underscored by the multifaceted effect of the flickering light on its round shape. The beveled contours add dimension to the play on light, creating a seemingly infinite iridescence. Consequently, the eye Crystal Votive not only illuminates the crystal globe but brings warmth and radiance to any room it is placed in. The entrancing attributes of the eye Crystal Votive are also characteristic of the Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal eye Crystal Vase.

Hand made in France.

Handcrafted full-lead crystal made in France.

Baccarat Crystal

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