Baccarat Crystal, Shooting Star Trophy
Baccarat Crystal, Shooting Star Trophy
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Item# 2106020B
Size: H: 8 7/8"

Designed for Baccarat by David Tisdale, this Clear crystal Shooting Star honors its name with dazzling twinkling luminescence.

The beveled contours of the fused big and little five-point stars giving the trophy a great three-dimensional depth of form. The lengthened symmetrical shape, stretched steeply and vertically, provides a larger Clear crystal surface area, which in turn enables an the maximum sparkle and prismatic effect. Available in two different sizes, this item is an ideal gift and a thoughtful token: it is both a beautiful decorative piece and a functional desk paperweight. Its luster is inspiring and striking, and it brings a tiny fragment of wondrous galactic twinkle to the everyday.

Baccarat Crystal

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