Baccarat Crystal, Golf Series Augusta
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Item# 2103517B
Size: H: 8.5" W: 3"

Designed for Baccarat Crystal, by Bernard August, this carefully carved clear crystal figurine is seen following through his golf club swing with great attentiveness and skill. It is the same kind of attentiveness and skill applied by the Baccarat Crystal, artisans who crafted this exceptionally life-like silhouette. The expertise is evident in the meticulous detailing: one feels the momentum of the swing of the club, the swivel of the shoulders as they are exerting the shot, the specificity of movement in the middle of athletic activity. A second figurine, also designed for Baccarat Crystal, by Bernard August, is available. The Saint Andrews golf player is seen preparing to make a shot, and shows the same athletic drive thanks to the rigor of the Baccarat Crystal, craftsmanship.

Handcrafted full-lead crystal made in France.

Baccarat Crystal

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