Baccarat Crystal Zinzin Star Clear, Large
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Item# 2106005B
Size: H: 3.75"

Wishing upon a star in the nighttime sky is a fanciful whimsy of childhood.The Baccarat Crystal, Zinzin star brings piece of the faraway galaxy and its twinkling canvas significantly closer.
Stars evoke brilliance, radiance, and light, and this five-point silhouette with beautiful beveled edges does so as well. The glint from this luminous ornamentation makes wishful thinking available anytime, not just in the nighttime sky.

Nicolas Triboulot's design beautifully interplays with light thanks to the angles and contours of the Clear crystal. It is a lovely flourish in your home and it can be used as a paper-weight as well as a decorative item. An inscription can be engraved upon the star.

Baccarat Crystal

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