Baccarat Crystal, Memoire Dromedary, Limited Edition of 25
Baccarat Crystal, Memoire Dromedary, Limited Edition of 25
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Size: H: 26.75" W: 21.25" D: 11.75"

Clear crystal dromedary with bronze ornaments. The dromedary is made with the lost-wax technique and requires the highest level of craftsmanship.

It is decorated with very detailed cast-bronze fittings made-to-measure. A crystal covered Crystal Vase is at the back of the animal. It is delicately enameled with exclusive designed inspired by the Royal Palace of Fez and applied with gold threads. Bronze parts made by a bronze specialist. The base is made of gilded bronze and diamond cut clear crystal. This dromedary originates from a cut Crystal Vase found in Baccarat Crystal archives and was created in 1878 for the Paris Universal Exhibition. In the second part of the 19th century, orientalism was a popular decoration theme. The patterns come from mosques lanterns. It represented a Crystal Perfume burner placed on the back of a clear crystal dromedary. A pendant to this masterpiece was an elephant made out of crystal and with a bronze structure carrying a bronze liquor holder. It was also presented at the 1878 Universal Exhibition. Baccarat Crystal, has been rewarded for its exceptional know-how at the 1878 Universal Exhibition with the gold medal.

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Baccarat Crystal

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