Baccarat Designer Ettore Sottsass | Crystal Classics

Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass was born in Innsbruck and comes from a cultured environment. He spent his childhood in the Austrian
mountains, which very early influenced his taste for the interplay of volumes and colours. He moved to Italy when he was
quite young, and found there the material for his sources of inspiration. Sottsass graduated in Architecture at the
Polytechnic school of Turin, set up his own firm in Milan, worked in New York in the Sixties with George Nelson. During the
Seventies, the “Sottsass Associati” foundation and the “Memphis” group raised Sottsass to the rank of demigod, the
absolute reference of all generation of designers. Today, Sottsass creations are the fruit of a passionate encounter
between his fiery energy and Baccarat crystal, that he chisels in a “Sottsassian” way to bring its light out.

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