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Nicolas Triboulot

Nicolas Triboulot has 15 years of experience in the design field. He began his career at Baccarat, where he designed over 200 items.
He is proud of being self-taught as this enabled him to make great headway without being held back by any preconceived ideas
or baggage. Nicolas is on a constant quest for the perfect shape, one that enhances harmony. Intellectually curious and
fascinated by different techniques and technology, he pursues an ultimate goal: to always do better. In 1995, Nicolas decided
to blaze his own trail and founded the Quarks design agency. Passionate about the world of luxury goods, Nicolas continues to
develop concepts and products for various brands, but always with the same founding principle: to inspire dreams. In the same
spirit, Quarks advises mass market companies (L’Oréal, Leclerc) to help them integrate certain luxury codes in their products
or distribution concepts, driven by the same aim of sharing, dreams and aesthetics. Nicolas now harnesses this motivation to
develop new ideas. One example is Magnétude, a revolutionary concept that makes it possible to attach objects to any type of
surface - a solution chosen by Baccarat for a future project. Creations and innovation in the interior design sector using this
concept were selected by INDEX 2005, the high-profile design award honoring the best design projects worldwide.

Products by Nicolas Triboulot
Baccarat Eye Vases, Midnight
Available in two sizes...
Baccarat Eye Vases
Available in two sizes...
Baccarat Crystal

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