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Vicente Wolf

In the world of contemporary design, Vicente Wolf has been at the top for 30 years. He heads his own company, Vicente Wolf
Associates, located in a spacious light-filled loft in New York City. It is from here that Vicente Wolf and his staff explore
his passion for design guided by the principles of integrity and simplicity. Vicente Wolf is a shaman of the immaterial,
a specialist in the very fine art of shimmer. The New York designer chooses and uses materials to capture and reflect light.
Crystal is a natural medium for Vicente Wolf. Perhaps the material and the designer are lucky to have found each other,
because each is better for the other. So when Vicente Wolf sat down to design the Latitude collection for Baccarat, he
summoned images from his vast visual library. He sifts through these memories, abstracting them into vases and bowls
and candlesticks that transform his recollections, even as he brings out the inherent quality of the crystal. The pieces that
result from this process not only revel in the physics of light and transparency. They are subtle tributes to the distant
cultures that inform his life’s work.Vicente Wolf and the master craftsmen at Baccarat have taken an old material and
made it new. Good design knows no boundaries.

Products by Vicente Wolf
Baccarat Equator Bowl
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