Baccarat Crystal, Solstice 24 Light Chandelier
Baccarat Crystal, Solstice 24 Light Chandelier
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Item# 2606724B
Size: H: 62.8" W: 40.17"

The Solstice chandelier builds on Baccarat Crystal iconic lighting design and incorporates downward-curving branches. The innovative silhouette has a vaguely plant-like shape, evocative of a weeping willow.

The bellcaps at the ends of the branches imbue a graceful weightlessness. The number of lights ranges widely, from 6 to 24. Regardless of density, each chandelier is composed of hollow branches crafted from blown cabled crystal, resplendently showcasing Baccarat Crystal masterful craftsmanship. The wealth of decoration is all cut in a diamond-point design. Amongst the spiked prisms, Baccarat Crystal, signatures red octagonal crystal hangs discreetly. Though crafted in the classical tradition, the downward-curving crystal branches are absolutely unique to the Solstice chandelier.

Baccarat Crystal

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