Baccarat Crystal, Montaigne Champagne Crystal Flute
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Item# 1107109B
Size: H: 7 5/8" Cap: 6.38oz.

Unembellished, the lucidity of the Baccarat Crystal, Clear crystal is in its full splendor. Its hallmarks of classical stemware designthe clean line of the stem and the slight curvature of the Crystal Bowlhide an unexpected optic effect. The outwardly smooth Crystal Bowl in fact has subtle fluting on the interior; this, in turn, casts a lovely halo of shadows on the table. Thanks to Baccarat Crystal craftsmanship of the Clear crystal, the Crystal Champagnes nuances of both color and bubbly energy can be readily detected. The Montaigne collection includes additional barware, such as the Montaigne glass, the Montaigne tall glass, and the Montaigne Crystal Decanter. Each piece has this characteristic subtle fluting on the interior.

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Baccarat Crystal

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