Baccarat Crystal, Oenologie Burgundy, Single
Baccarat Crystal, Oenologie Burgundy, Single
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Size: 7 1/8" Cap: 11.2oz

Baccarat Crystal Oenologie Bourgogne Red Wine glass has a classical aesthetic and functional design. The round Crystal Bowl helps open up the Wine complex notes and highlight the smooth aromatic body. This sophisticated tasting glass is perfectly suited to the discerning vintage connoisseur.

The Burgundy (Bourgogne) region of France is often considered the most terroir-conscious of the French Wine regions, with a higher number of appellations d'origine controlee (AOC) than any other. Pinot Noir is its most prevalent grape varietal. Baccarat Crystal produces a second Oenologie tasting glass specifically for Bordeaux Wine, as well as the Chteau Baccarat Crystal Red Wine glass whose form is inspired by the taste-vin used by sommeliers.

Baccarat Crystal

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