Baccarat Crystal, Mille Nuits 7 1/2" Salad Plate, Single
Baccarat Crystal, Mille Nuits 7 1/2" Salad Plate, Single
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Size: W: 7.5"

Baccarat Crystal, Mille Nuits salad plate features are artfully crimped edges, as though the clear crystal plate was a hand-sculpted pate brisee, or piecrust. The grooved circumference is a stunning symmetrical framework that epitomizes Baccarat Crystal, fine craftsmanship. Two concentric circles (one large, one small) lie at the bottom of this standout piece. Alternating lines irradiate from the center of each ring, in this way showing the magical prismatic possibilities of the Baccarat Crystal These salad plates are a stunning way to serve and entertain at any meal. The name Mille Nuits is a reference to the 1001 Tales of The Arabian Nights, and thus to the world of the Orient. Designed by Mathias for Baccarat Crystal, the Mille Nuits collection extends to bar Crystal Glasses and tableware, as well lighting.

Baccarat Crystal

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