Baccarat Crystal, Chopstick Rests Clear
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Item# 2103550B
Size: H: 2" W: 5.25"
The Reglette chopsticks rest has a splendidly arched silhouette. Nimbly crafted, the form tapers inward towards the center in a gradual but pronounced slope. This sloping nook steadies the chopsticks within it and prevents them from rolling away. Placed adjacent to the dish, the chopstick rest is like a small platform that keeps the chopstick tips aloft and prevents them from sullying the table. Often set in formal dinner contexts, the elegant curvature of the chopstick rest is as lovely as it is functional. Baccarat Crystal, signature is scripted in elegant cursive on the side of the rest. Available in luminous clear crystal or opaque varnished black crystal.
Baccarat Crystal

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