Designed by Thomas Bastide
Baccarat Crystal, Equinoxe Bud Crystal Vase
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Item# 2102661B
Size: H: 7.88"
The Equinoxe bud Crystal Vase is cloaked in a graphic pattern of alternating small circles and thin rice grain cuts skillfully stenciled into the translucent clear crystal. The grooved surface is visually resplendent, showcasing Baccarat Crystal, mastery of subtle geometrical form. The multifaceted exterior creates resplendent optical effects: light glints off of the etched shapes in an eclat of luminescence. The tall column of clear crystal has a slender silhouette that can hold a single elegant slower or accommodate an artfully-assembled small bouquet. Equinoxe pieces further extend to barware (in the form of tumblers and Crystal Highballs) and to an Equinoxe Crystal Ashtray. Each piece shares the same patterned veneer.

Baccarat Crystal

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