Baccarat Crystal, Objectif 8 1/4" Crystal Vase
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Item# 2102304B
Size: H: 8.25"
The Objectif vase is named after the French word for camera lens. Indeed, the vases shape simulates the way a camera lens looks as it is in the middle of the picture-taking.

It resembles the lens opening, mid-snapshot, as the camera mechanisms are regulating the amount of light let in. This is what determines whether an image is dark or light.

This vase of Clear crystal, however, is all light, heightened all the more as the light refracts beautifully off the bowls swirled pleating. Whether or not you happen to be a photography aficionado, this vase has an exciting sense of gathering momentum. The visual effect is that of a whirlpool of luminosity, a rush of energy anchored in Clear crystal. The wide neck makes it perfect for displaying a large bouquet.

Baccarat Crystal

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