Belleek Hanako Annual Basket
Belleek Hanako Annual Basket
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Size: 6.5cm H x 18cm W x 23cm L

The Hanako Basket has been patiently hand woven in an organic shape to reflect that of a pond and features hand applied elements depicting aquatic flora and fauna. The longest living fresh water fish ever recorded was a female koi named Hanako, she lived to the grand age of 226. The koi represents longevity, perseverance and abundance. Hand crafted water lilies surround the 'pond'. Water lilies have been represented in art throughout history, even dating back to ancient Egypt. The water lily, a striking bloom that emerges from mud, is a symbol of enlightenment, beauty and purity. Menyanthes, a traditional pond margin plant, represents tranquillity, repose and calmness. A frog overlooks the 'pond'; a symbol of fertility and transformation. In Celtic traditions the frog is seen as healing and cleansing, as well as an emblem of rebirth.

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