Belleek 2019 Annual Ornament, Azalea Cottage
Belleek 2019 Annual Ornament, Azalea Cottage
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Size: 2"

The Azalea Cottage is a quaint cottage inspired by the traditional vernacular architecture of Ireland. Thatched cottages like this were a common dwelling in the Irish countryside. Historically in Ireland cottages were the homes of farm workers and laborers. Handcrafted at the historical Belleek Pottery, the Azalea Cottage is the 32nd Annual Edition Ornament and will only be available in 2019.

The term cottage is derived from the word 'cotter' meaning farmer. The land was usually rented from a wealthy landowner and rent as often paid in labour. The most common crops were potatoes, oats and sometimes flax. The cottage garden features a picturesque white picket fence, trellises and a hanging basket lovingly planted with pink azaleas.

The azalea represents home and remembering your home with fondness, as well as taking care of yourself and your loved ones. At the rear of the cottage there is a tethered goat. Goats were one of the earliest domesticated animals and were kept in Ireland for their milk, hair and hide. Love or hate cats no farm dwelling would be complete without a working cat to keep rodents at bay. Azelea Cottage features an iconic hand painted Belleek Shamrock as well as a lucky horse shoe to bring an extra bit of good fortune.

This ornament is a tribute to Ireland's rich agricultural history, our early domesticated animals that helped and humble homes that once sheltered modest farmers and their families from the wet Irish weather.

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