Belleek 2018 Annual Bell Christmas Ornament, Kerry Farmhouse
Belleek 2018 Annual Bell Christmas Ornament, Kerry Farmhouse
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Size: 2.5"L x 2.3"H x 1.6"W
An annual Ornament is designed and hand crafted every year at the historic Belleek Pottery. This Kerry Farmhouse Cottage is the 31st Edition Annual Ornament only available in 2018.

This Farmhouse is inspired by many Irish Farms found around Ireland in years gone by such as Molly Gallivans in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. It allows us to experience a simpler time when the farm was the centre of rural life. Animals and fowl can be seen running around the farmyard with old machinery and spinning wheels on show too.

This type of house was used as the main residence for the farmers family. In these homes the women created delicious baked goods using produce grown on the land. Everything had a use even the pluttered feathers were used as the filling in pillows or as brushes beside the open fires. The half doors kept the children inside and the animals out. As these homes got quite stuffy with small windows the opened doors allowed air to circulate hence the front and back door. People could also lean out the door to smoke a pipe or gossip easily with approaching visitors.
Made in Ireland.

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Belleek Pottery has been hand-crafting fine porcelain in County Fermanagh, Ireland, continuously since 1857.

Known for its beautiful translucence, each piece is light but is also very durable, with fine design detail and hand-painted shamrocks, flowers or gold trim.

16 individuals craft and care for each piece before it receives the famous Belleek trade mark, ensuring it's authenticity, is gift boxed and packed for the journey to America.

Belleek's reputation has been built on product excellence. Company founder, John Caldwell Bloomfield declared that any piece with even the slightest flaw must be destroyed. Over 155 years later, this is still strictly adhered to. The result is perfection.