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Cashs of Ireland, 2020 Celtic Dove Ornament
Cashs of Ireland, 2020 Celtic Dove Ornament
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Size: W: 4.5"

In Ireland, the dove will land with a flourish of white tail-feathers on stones of a darker grey than themselves - the limestone chippings of the street - and forage there at an elegant pace for weed seeds. Think of it as some ancestral columbiform gene at work, alert to any echo of parched village paths in the shade of acacia groves.

Small flocks form in winter in north Mayo county, flying with fierce speed above the swells of Inishkea. Their wing markings are distinctive - black bars above and silvery-white below - but it is the dashing, steep-angled beat of the wings and the urgency of flight that look so much at home in an untamed landscape.
The quintessential symbol of peace, the doves are released at celebrations throughout Ireland, symbolizing the good fortune that is to follow.

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