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Cashs Ireland, Annestown Lager, Pilsner Beer Glass, 1+1 Free
Cashs Ireland, Annestown Lager, Pilsner Beer Glass, 1+1 Free
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Item# 040615C
Size: H: 10 3/8" Cap: 13 oz.

New Cashs Annestown Lager glasses are tall and elegant, yet finely balanced and a perfect fit for serving lager and pilsner style beers. Holding a perfect pour for a 12 oz. bottle plus 1 oz. room for the head, they are great gift for beer lovers. Hand made of lead free crystal.

The Annestown pattern was inspired by a sharp fissured basalt, sparkling sea, and salt spiced air. The design is created by a series of diagonal and horizontal cuts that form the base of the pattern.
Keen but pleasing to the touch, it has the quality of the rocky coastline that inspired it. Rising from this are rosette sprays interlaced with finer cuts that merge with clear crystal reminiscent of the sea, churned to surf that ascends back to the heavens creating a sparkling unity that can only be matched by sunshine reflecting off the ocean surface.

Annestown is a small seaside village situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of Irelands Coppercoast. With its wonderful beach and soaring surf it is a place favored by bathers and surfers alike. Its most precious features are the rugged cliffs that span this stretch of shore. Vertical pillars of rock sculpted and shaped by breakers that roar in from the Atlantic Ocean draw locals and tourists to this special part of County Waterford. Taking inspiration from his native environment, Martin Croke has created a suite of designs, exclusive to Cashs Crystal, drawing on the imagery provided by nature.

Designed by Martin Croke in Waterford, Ireland.

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