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Cashs Ireland, Cooper Whiskey Set Decanter Pair of Irish Whiskey DOF Glasses
Cashs Ireland, Cooper Whiskey Set Decanter Pair of Irish Whiskey DOF Glasses
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Size: 10 1/2" 28 oz.

The perfect barware set! Contains one Cooper Square Whiskey Decanter and a pair of Cooper Irish Whiskey DOF glasses.

Designed by Martin Croke the Cooper pattern was inspired by the barrels that aged and distilled delightful spirits. Ideal for serving fine scotch, whiskey, Crystal Brandy or cognac.
Cooper Irish Whiskey Glasses are extremely well balanced, the weight is on the bottom of the glass with thin rim for maximum flavor enjoyment. The decanter has a unique square shape and detailed cutting that add to the elegance and masculinity of this timeless piece. Great gift for gift giving!

Coopers - When the Vikings invaded Waterford they appreciated its strategic value as a major trading port for goods and merchandise, a role it continues to play to this day. A lot of goods both dry and wet were shipped by barrel and a healthy barrel making industry developed in the Waterford area. Barrel makers or Coopers as the trade was known continued their craft right up to the twentieth century before they were overtaken by modern technology.

Crystal Decanter is suggested for serving purposes, not storage.

Designed by Martin Croke in Waterford, Ireland. Handmade.

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Since 1976 Cashs of Ireland has been synonymous with fine crystal and gifts, all fashioned in traditional ways by skilled Irish craftsmen.

For generations, these Irish craftsmen have passed their knowledge of the ancient art of crystal making and cutting from father to son. Cashs artisans have dedicated their lives to their craft, and their city of Waterford, Ireland. Cashs Crystal is hand cut, where possible, and polished to perfection according to centuries old techniques.

Inspired by Nature

Talented designers draw inspiration from Ireland's rich history and beautiful countryside. They translate the rolling green foothills, walled remnants of ancient cities, and magnificent seaside into stunning art. Cashs designers bring to life these textures and patterns of Ireland with unique and exquisite detail.

Handmade in Waterford, Ireland by a group of Master Artisans and Designers.
Both designer and craftsman pour their talents into each piece as a handmade testament to their artistry and respect for nature.

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