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Cashs Ireland, Top Grain Leather Red Avondale Wallet
Cashs Ireland, Top Grain Leather Red Avondale Wallet
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Size: W: 7 1/2" H: 3 1/2"

Durable, soft Cashs Top Grain Veau Velour calf leather, in red, with many pockets for credit cards, zippered pocket for change, two pockets for paper money, and many other stunning details inside.
All Cashs wallets and purses use only the finest top grain, most durable, natural leather combined with the finest rhodium polished metal fittings for accent and durability.

Little is known that Ireland is Europe's top producer of high quality outdoor grass fed beef and lamb. The hides are sent to Italy for dying, and final assembly is done under the watchful eyes of Cashs designers. No detail is ever left untouched and every stitch is examined. Every edge if finished. Natural markings of the leather are minimized but not completely, and are not artificially removed. Cashs designers believe in the core Irish natural look and feel, connected to and inspired by nature.
The wallets and purses are designed to look haute couture, stunning and elegant, yet they are immensely practical, a typical Irish approach.
The metal fittings are the highest quality, carefully examined, and only when the Cashs designers are completely satisfied with design and quality, each piece is debossed by hand with Cashs Ireland logo inside.

Pure elegance, soft top grain leather, quality polished metal - top couture fashion statements, now designed in Ireland.

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