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Cashs Ireland, Hawthorne Fairy 6" Crystal Bowl
Cashs Ireland, Hawthorne Fairy 6" Crystal Bowl
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Size: W: 6.25" x H:3"

Ideal for candies and nuts!

The Hawthorne Fairy pattern was inspired by the mystical flora found all over Ireland. The Hawthorne tree is considered a fairy bush in Ireland. This tree is a favorite meeting place for fairies, a belief dating back to the mist of pre-Celtic history. In Spring, when the Hawthorne is in full bloom, the belief is that the fairies are happy! To avoid making fairies angry, no Irish farmer will ever cut the bush down.

Hawthorne pattern is hand cut in Waterford, Ireland, by the Cashs Master Artisans, renowned worldwide as the finest practitioners of the ancient art of glass-cutting. Each piece of crystal is individually marked, cut and checked by a master of the craft. This combination of artistry, skill, and craft guarantees that Cashs Crystal is unique, precious, timeless and truly Irish.

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