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Walter Walsh

Walter Walsh is head of design at Cashs Crystal, and with almost 50 years of experience in crystal design and manufacturing, his influence and guidance are indispensable. Starting as a 15 year old apprentice at Waterford Crystal in 1965, Walter has dedicated his entire life to the magical world of sparkling and luxurious crystal. Climbing to Master Cutter in 1973 he worked diligently for years on a full range of production pieces, special commissioned and limited edition pieces.

Walter was appointed training specialist and then became the manufacturing training manager which showcased his high standards, best practices and attention to detail. Recently, Walter has joined forces at Cashs Crystal with longtime friend and crystal designer Martin Croke in the quest to create the most beautiful, radiant and high quality crystal, handmade in Ireland. Walter resides in Waterford City with wife Nellie, they have three children; Erika, Leona and Jody.

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