Iittala Aalto Vase 10.5" Clear
Iittala Aalto Vase 10.5" Clear
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Size: H: 10.5"

Inspired by waves (altoin Finnish) in the water, the Aalto vase is a symbol of Finnish design and one of the most famous glass objects in the world. Throughout the 1930s, Aalto designed a vast collection of vases and bowls in various shapes for submission in the Paris and New York world fairs. One of the most distinct pieces that the designer created during that time was a vase simply known as 032 032brings a refreshing twist with its soft, organic shape that seamlessly combines form and function. It a perfect vase for a wide array of flower bouquets that suits any interior. After discovering the 032design in the Aalto archives, Iittala set about producing the new design with much of the same care and innovative techniques it uses with the original Aalto vase. Clear glass is a versatile, striking addition to any home interior.

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