Iittala Nappula Candle Holder 4.25" Powder
Iittala Nappula Candle Holder 4.25" Powder
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Size: W: 3.5" D: 3.5" H: 4.25"

An unusually shaped table with wollenlegs inspired Matti Klenell Nappula. The designer translated the inspiration into Nappula signature silhouette; a tall, elegant stem standing on a solid, round base. Beautiful yet finely crafted in metal, Nappula represents the strong Nordic design philosophy of function and form that marks Klenell work. The smallest Nappula candleholder creates maximum impact with its combination of vintage and contemporary details. A modern design icon in the making, Nappula reflects a gentle light that brings relaxed ambience to any interior. Soft powder complements the minimalist design. Looks stunning alone or grouped in a collection. A great birthday, wedding or housewarming gift idea. Works with tapered candles.

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