Iittala Ruutu Ceramic Vase 9" Beige
Iittala Ruutu Ceramic Vase 9" Beige
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Size: H: 9"

Ruutu (iamondin Finnish) from French design brothers Ronan and Erwan Boroullec is a true masterpiece. The delicately simple Ruutu vase collection was first launched in 2015. When collected and combined, the vases make small seamless installations where both the strength and delicate nature of the material come alive. Now complemented with ceramic vases, the vases have the same simple, perfectly symmetrical shape. Ceramic Ruutu vases are hollow casted and finished by hand. The ceramic vases come in three sizes and the symmetrical design brings tranquility to the home. The larger vase is perfect for taller flowers, season branches or planting. Beige fits any interior.

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