Iittala Kuru Ceramic Bowl 6.25" Beige
Iittala Kuru Ceramic Bowl 6.25" Beige
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Item# 1051707
Size: W: 6.25" H: 5.5"

Iittala introduces Kuru by Philippe Malouin. Kuru means orgein Finnish and refers to a narrow valley between steep arctic hills where one can walk, kayak or ski in a calm, tranquil environment. The home display collection brings a sense of harmony to any interior by allowing one to organize and display their meaningful personal belongings. The casted, handmade ceramic bowl groups and elevates items from the surface which declutters and brings harmony to the home. Beige down to earth color works in harmonious balance with the range of colors throughout the collection and mixes well with other pieces, but also has enough personality to stand on its own.

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