Iittala Nappula Plant Pot W.Saucer White 6.75"
Iittala Nappula Plant Pot W.Saucer White 6.75"
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The new Nappula plant pot and saucer are a lovely addition to designer Matti Klenell's beloved Nappula collection. The timeless design features a streamlined pot and rounded saucer that is ideal for many different kinds of flora. Classic white highlights the minimalist design and fits in any interior décor. The Nappula plant pot with saucer are an inspiration for green displays that allows you to bring the outdoors in. A timeless home accessory that is beautiful alone or grouped together with other Nappula plant pots. A perfect birthday, holiday, housewarming, hostess or thank you gift idea, especially combined with plants or seasonal flowers.

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